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Design/Fabrication and Casting with Precious Metals and Gems.
Creative Metalworks
Creative Metalworks offers complete design and production services. We operate a foundry for art metals, an extensive molding and reproduction facility and a formidable jewelry and smithing studio. We offer metalsmithing classes
and are a source for professional tools and supplies. Navigate through our Portfolio and contact us for additional information and ordering.

News of the Day !
People have been asking what's going on with Creative Metalworks. Well ...Yes; Change is good!
- Take a virtual tour! - We are not currently offering any classes or workshops, but encourage interested students to fill out our online form to be added to our mailing list. We will contact you when course schedules resume.

I have moved out of Kensington and will be available by appointment only. I am looking forward to creating a refreshing new body of work as the next phase of my life as Artist, Educator, Designer and Metalsmith is rapidly consuming me.

Thank you,
Michael Schwartz

Creative Metalworks and
Creative Metalworks School of Design

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Fantasy Carousel
The Fantasy Carousel
A collaborative work by Creative Metalworks, 24" x 20", sterling silver, bronze, silk, mahogany and rosewood. Limited Edition #6 of 25 - $32,500.
MORE: "Fantasy Carousel Article"
Hillwood Museum Restoration
Restoration and Conservation
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Crown of Brazil Creative Metalworks
Awards and Ceremonial Objects
Emerald Bracelet
Custom Jewelry
Megillah Cover
Religious Commission
Georgetown Prep
Pepco Model James Clark
Architectural Models
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